Saturday Junior Competition
Our Saturday Junior competition is available to any people 21 or under. The current competition format runs mixed boy/girl divisions in the top half of the draw and boy or girl divisions in the bottom half of the draw. Beginners divisions are also available for those new to Tennis.

A minimum of two people are required for each team.

Play occurs at either 8.30am, 10.30am or 12.30pm Saturdays.

Results sheets may be emailed to as well as faxed to 4226 2784.


Summer 2018-19 Junior Competitions

All results are to be submitted on the written score sheets with the point score calculated as normal. You can email a scanned (or photographed in bright light and high resolution) copy of the result sheet to

Point Scores

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Player Performance

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Draws (Preliminary and may change before May 2nd.)

Davis Cup Divisions    
Davis Cup A Davis Cup B Davis Cup C
Mixed Divisions    
Mixed 1 Mixed 2 Mixed 3
Mixed 4 Mixed 5 Mixed 6
Mixed 7 U10's  
Beginners' Divisions    
Boys' Divisions    
Boys 1 Boys 2 Boys 3
Boys 4 Boys 5 Boys 6
Girls' Divisions    
Girls 1 Girls 2 Girls 3


Team Entry Form

Download a Saturday Juniors team nomination form

Note: Changes for next competition:

  1. Davis Cup – Normal deuce and normal 7 point tie-break starts at 5 games all.
  2. Mixed divisions, Boys Divisions, Girls Divisions and U10 to play – 3 point deuce, (with receiver’s choice on game point), normal 7 point tie-break to start at 5 games all.
  3. Beginners – No Add deuce with receivers choice for game point and no tie-break (first to 6 games).
  4. Boys 6, Girls 3, U10's and Beginner divisions all play with GREEN balls.
  5. Juniors Team fees will be the same as for the last competition. Davis Cup $30 all others $28 plus $10 per team member for player registration where appropriate.


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Yearly Awards

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Representative Results

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Grand Final Results

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Rules and Forms

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